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3 Reasons to Consider Online College

For the self-motivated and interested student, online classes are a great option for your degree.

1. Save time.

You can find 6-week courses, 8-week courses, and self-paced courses for your degree. That – combined with testing out of my general education – allowed me to finish a BA in two years. I have friends who took less time – and friends who used this flexibility to integrate into an otherwise demanding schedule. So online college will save you time: either by shortening your degree, or by giving you the time to continue meeting your other responsibilities.

2. Gain marketable soft skills.

All those self-paced courses require lots of motivation and organized time management. To employers, that’s a great advantage. The accelerated course format – and even standard quarter/semester classes – require you to take initiative, face challenges independently, and quickly master new skills. Those kinds of soft skills are highly marketable. What’s more, many of the online classes I took worked largely with written assignments – from casual weekly forum posts to term papers. Being able to write well, quickly, and concisely is a desirable attribute that strengthens your communication skillset.

3. Schedule flexibly.

If you’re a parent or work a full-time job – or both – traditional college may be difficult or even impossible. If you’re travelling abroad, starting your own business, in the middle of intense training for a professional sport, writing a novel, or otherwise preoccupied with the many exciting things you can do with your life, traditional college may be off the table. But with this modern educational format, all you need is internet access and a willingness to learn, and you can fit it right into your schedule.

4. BONUS Spring 2020 Reason: Avoid Global Pandemics

Online college allows you to advance your education while staying safely quarantined indoors, protecting the vulnerable in society, and otherwise contributing to public health. You never know when a global pandemic will pop up out of nowhere and rapidly turn everyday life upside-down.

Online options are increasingly becoming an attractive choice for undergrads & grads everywhere. Take the time to determine the best fit for your needs; you are free to go 100% online or mix-and-match with online and on-site classes.

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