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Dealing with Demotivation

Sometimes, you’ve just got to give yourself a break.

Unplug. Switch the cell phone to Airplane Mode. Forget a good book. Forget soul-feeding hobbies. Invite a (trusted) friend over for coffee (or a socially-distanced backyard picnic) and just cry.

A stroll out in the woods might also suffice. I’ve heard runners refer to a ‘runner’s high,’ where all thought just disappears. That sounds nice. But if the demotivation is also due to physical exhaustion, using up some bath salts might be a better choice.

There’s one important rule here though: no guilty thoughts allowed. To readers overworked, overstressed, and devoid of any sense of motivation: no guilt-tripping allowed. Make the time to relax, and also, give yourself permission.

Revisiting original goals also helps fuel the motivational flames. But only after a personal re-set button like this.

It’s ok to take a break! And dare I say, establishing some restful habits can act as a preventative. But in the meantime – relax. Reset. Unwind.

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